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today16 December 2019





影片中多位朋友选择用在球场打篮球的画面向高以翔告别,一句“Godfrey, miss you forever.”一个挥手、一记三分球、一颗篮球进框,象征着他们之间多年来的友情与默契,没有哀痛欲绝的场面,不像是告别,更像是他们对一个远行的好友的祝福。

9分钟的影片,最催泪的画面莫过于高爸爸手拿吉他自弹自唱,浑厚又沧桑的嗓音,穿插著朋友们身穿圣诞装在台北家中团聚的影像,高爸爸依旧是那身黑色高领上衣,嘴裡唱著英文歌词,唱到情绪最浓的时候,皱紧眉头,略带哽咽,侧身弹著吉他,画面左方正好是高以翔灌篮的照片,而那句歌词“So you can fly”就彷彿对儿子唱出了所有想说的话。

As his loyal and caring fans, we loved Godfrey for his charming looks and humble attitude, a glowing superstar in every movie, drama, event, or photoshoot that he appeared in. To his parents, Godfrey was a loving son who took his family on trips and included them in his work and lifestyle. As his friends, we were also naturally drawn to love him, but for his genuine character, his kindness, his generosity, but mostly his personality, which we saw so many angles of during his 35 years on this earth. He could be goofy yet so dreamy at the same time, I’m not sure how. Any gathering we had that he showed up to, ultimately upgraded our coolness factor to another level. This video shows just a portion of the friendships built because of him, from Vancouver to Taipei to Shanghai. Thank you to everyone that helped cherish this moment as a tribute to our beloved homie. We will continue to carry on his legacy, and remember the good times this angel blessed us with. It’s not goodbye when you know you will see each other again one day. #godfreygao #restinHeaven #高飛 #天堂見

Posted by 毛加恩 on Sunday, December 15, 2019


Written by: Bryan 帝琰

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