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已达成协议! IU、泫雅、ZICO、MAMAMOO 等人作品将重新上架音乐串流 APP!

by Karen

早前因 Kakao 娱乐(原名 KakaoM)与 Spotify 的合约到期,导致大部分的KPOP 歌曲(韩国音乐)都从 Spotify 下架,引起引起全球 KPOP 粉丝的关注。今日(11日)两家公司都发布了声明,指出已经达到共识,KPOP 歌曲也会在 Spotify 重新上架。

Spotify 在今年年初进军韩国市场后,不少人都选择了使用该 APP 来听歌,不过却和韩国唱片制作发行公司 Kakao 娱乐产生版权纠纷。在本月 1 日,两家公司的合约到期,因此决定将过去所发行的 KPOP 歌曲全数从 Spotify 下架,影响了 IU、泫雅、ZICO、MAMAMOO、BEAST 及 CNBLUE 等人气歌手,也引起全球 KPOP 粉丝极大的回响。

值得高兴的是,双方在今日(11日)发布声明,指出已经达成协议合作。Spotify 在声明中表示,很高兴 Kakao 娱乐的音乐内容回归,让全球 170 个国家的 3.45 亿的用户可以继续享受他们喜欢的音乐。官方也指出,Spotify 的愿景依旧是将全球粉丝和艺人联系起来,如今韩国的用户也可以享受超过 7000 万的歌曲和 40 亿播放列表。


Kakao 娱乐则是提到,希望通过包括 Spotify 在内的平台合作,继续让全球的粉丝可以轻松地欣赏自己喜欢的音乐,当然也包括 KPOP。Kaokao 娱乐将会继续致力于韩国音乐生态系统及其发展,并保护艺人和唱片公司的权益。

完整 Spotify 声明如下:

We are pleased that Kakao Entertainment’s content and artists are back on Spotify, allowing our 345M+ global listeners across 170 countries to once again enjoy the music they love,” a Spotify spokesperson said. “Spotify’s mission has always been to connect artists to their fans all over the world and to give listeners access to all of the world’s music. We are delighted that our Korean listeners will now also be able to enjoy this local music alongside our 70 million+ songs and 4 billion+ playlists. We remain committed to making a positive impact on Korea’s music streaming ecosystem through our partnerships with artists, labels, and local rights holders.

完整 Kakao 娱乐声明如下:

Kakao Entertainment Corp.(previously Kakao M) has entered into an agreement with Spotify and will sequentially provide its music content to Spotify for service in and beyond Korea. Through its diverse partnerships around the world including Spotify, Kakao Entertainment hopes that music lovers around the world can easily access its artists’ and music content to enjoy K-pop. Kakao Entertainment remains committed to the Korean music ecosystem and its growth and will continue protecting the rights of artists, labels and local rights holders going forward.